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Metal jacketing, Strapping & Fittings

IMC supplies SMI and ITW metal jacketing from .016 to .040 thicknesses in aluminum and .010 to .040 thicknesses in stainless steel. Metal jacketing is available in smooth, corrugated, and stucco embossed with a paper or PMR barrier. We supply stainless T304 and T316. Contact a sales representative for inquiries about painted metal and custom orders. We can cut and roll any metal jacketing to order.

We sell high quality SMI aluminum and stainless steel strapping, fabricated from virgin metal in ½" and ¾" widths.

Aluminum and stainless steel seals are also available in ½" and ¾" thickness, as well as our aluminum.

Fitting Covers
We sell ITW and Chestnut aluminum and stainless steel fittings

Deep Corrugated Sheets
We sell ITW deep corrugated sheets.